Amps and Instruments


Fender Deville 4×10
Fender Deville 2×12
Fender twin
Vox AC30(Hand wired)
Johnson Millenium
Tone King Metropolitan
Fender Vibratone
Ampeg PF50T (Bass Amp)
Ampeg PF-115-HE (Cab)


3 American Stratocasters
1 66’ Vox Hollow Body
1 Gibson Les Paul Standard
1 Gibson “The Paul”
1  64’ Fender Jazz Master
1 Italia Hollow Body
1 Epiphone ES339 Hollow Body
1 60’s Dobro Flat Neck
1 National Resonator
1 Vintage 1880 Washburn Mandolin
1 Grace Harbor Mando Bass
1 Fender American Jazz Bass
1 Taylor 614 Acoustic
1 Martin Auditorium Acoustic


Grand Piano Brodmann 5’
1950’s Hammond C3
Hammond XK3c Stage Organ
1970’s Fender Rhodes
Novation Synth
Waldorf Q Synth
1 Ensoniq Mirage 80’s Sampler
Yamaha CP Stage Piano


80’s Tama Studio 5 piece Rock Kit
Various Snare Drums
Various Zildjian and Istanbul Cymbals