About Us

Capturing Historical Performances

Eagle Wind Sound is a full-service recording studio located in Winter Park, Colorado which combines professional top-of-the-line equipment, decades of recording experience and a breathtakingly inspirational environment.

At the helm of our studio is the Rupert Neve Designs 5088 Shelford Limited, fully analog mixer. Click HERE to learn more about the Neve 5088 and why it’s the #1 choice of many of the world’s top recording artists and producers including Alan Parsons, Usher, Deadmau5 and the Foo Fighters.

We are an artist/producer-owned facility and understand the importance of providing a creative workflow environment. Our goal is to put “the artist” first, thereby creating an atmosphere conducive to the capture of historical performances.

We are loaded with a vast array of instrument and microphone choices that we keep ‘in house’ including an assortment of rare and vintage backline amps. Check out a list of our inventory HERE.

With close proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park and Winter Park Resort, you can enjoy hiking along the Continental Divide, world-class mountain biking, fishing, and other adventures, along with one of the best studio recording experiences available anywhere in the United States.



James Steinbacher

James Steinbacher is the Chief Engineer at Eagle Wind Sound and has been involved in audio and video production in various capacities over the last 30+ years.  Whether creating or producing songs or Soundtracks for Short Films or Plays, recording and mixing in the studio, live sound or shooting/editing video, he brings a passion for excellence to every project.  He has the artistic sensibilities to embrace your vision and the technical expertise to help you realize it and capture the subtleties and spirit of your performances.

One of James’ greatest joys has been teaching recording/mixing and live sound operation to many students over the years, both in the classroom and as an individual mentor.  If learning more about the process is one of your goals, you will have many opportunities to explore the equipment being used, and the how and why then James is the guy.

If you are ready to record your Magnum Opus, get your band’s sound out of the garage, need a voiceover or College Audition Video, James will help you make your dream a reality.


Tony fun guy pic

Tony Rosacci

Studio Owner
Entrepreneur and recording artist

Anthony (Tone) Rosacci was born in 60’s in the Motor City, son of Anthony Rosacci Sr. and Nancy Faye Maedgen, the family moved to L.A. and then the Rosacci family settled in Denver Colorado in the mid 70’s.

Rosacci’s first fond memory of music is that of his Father playing Italian songs on the accordion while wide eyed little Tony listened and watched for hours. Then Dad’s record collection of 60’s music reeled him in.  Rosacci says he remembers the CCR, Joe Cocker, Ray Charles, and Herb Albert record above all the others.

After a happy childhood with his siblings, Mick, Avie, and Daniel, Tony served his country for 6 years in the US Navy as Operations Specialist (navigation, radar, air traffic control) then spent several years working in the family food business before beginning a career in Real Estate.  “All of the people I looked up to were entrepreneurs” and Rosacci has been working as an Independent agent among the real estate giants.

“When you treat people right, they will be loyal to you” and that is how his businesses have thrived even through some lean years.

In 2016 Rosacci released his debut album (late bloomer) “Tone and the Vibe” which features 15 of his friends in the Fraser Valley (mostly amateur musicians) a really fun community project.

Rosacci brings a lifetime of entrepreneurial skills to the table. “An Artist owned studio for Artists”, this is the heart of Eagle Wind Sound.

If you want to come to Colorado to record, ski, bike, hike, float, moto, fish, or golf in the most clandestine locations, Tony is your guy and this is the place.