Professional Analog Recording and Production: We offer Colorado’s only Neve 5088 Shelford Recording Console along with our other rare and vintage gear to create the historic sounds in music today.

Writing and Pre-Production Rental Space: Our artists and clients have access to all of Eagle Winds spaces including the lounge area to write and develop the artistic pieces needed to produce a quality record.

Film and Television Sound Design: We offer strategic sound design for both film and television. Here at Eagle Wind, we are accommodating to any type of sound needs. The Live Room is fully equipped and sound proofed to record voice overs, foley, ADR, effects and much more. 

Rehearsal Space & Artist Development: We do much more than just recording. Eagle Wind is home to some of the industrys seasoned professionals in artist development, songwriting and producing. We work with our clients to provide a level of musical service like no other. Our space is also available for rehearsals and other events.