PJ Olsson
PJ Olsson is a critically acclaimed recording artist and producer. His experience in the studio started at a young age when his father(a twelve tone composer) inspired him to get into synthesizers and music production in order to create a canvas for PJ’s songs.
Wyatt Lowe
Wyatt Lowe is the frontman and critically acclaimed guitar player for the Outlaw Rock N Roll band Wyatt Lowe & The Mayhem Kings, and a sound design expert. He is the second hand in Recording Production at Eagle Wind Sound and has had an abundance of studio experience between his time in Jackson Hole, WY and in his home city of Los Angeles, CA. As a Certified Pro Tools operator, graduate of the Berklee College of Music Online's Music Production program, and an enthusiastic musician, Wyatt brings a level of experience and excitement to the studio and to our clients that will take the production to the next level.