Anthony (Tone) Rosacci was born in 60’s in the Motor City, son of Anthony Rosacci Sr. and Nancy Faye Maedgen, the family move to LA, and the Rosacci family settled in Denver Colorado in the mid 70’s.

Rosacci’s first fond memory of music is that of his Father playing Italian songs on the Accordian while wide eyes Little Tony listened and watched for hours. Then Dad’s record collection of 60’s music reeled him in.  Rosacci says he remembers the CCR, Joe Cocker, Ray Charles, and Herb Albert  record above all the others.

After a happy childhood with his Sister Avie and two brothers, Mick and Daniel, Rosacci served his country for 6 years in the USN as Operation Specialist (navagation, radar, air traffic control) then spent several years working in the Family Food business before beginning a career in Real Estate.  “All the people I looked up to were Entrepreneurs” and Rosacci has been working as an Independent Agent amoung the Real estate giants.

“When you treat people right, they will be loyal to you” and that is how his business has thrived even through some lean years.  A full service Real Estate Broker, Rosacci has helped his clients move, shoveled their snow, walked their dogs, mowed their yards, dug out well heads, fixed squeaking floors, crawled in hundreds of crawl spaces, and sometimes Psycho Therapist.  “One time I asked for a goat in a real estate contract” I’m working for the Client, so I’ll do just about anything to help them realize the dream of owning a Mountain Home.

In 2006 Rosacci was offered a position to help sell new Condos in Winter Park Village, after assisting to sell out the Village, Rosacci stayed in Winter Park to finish raising his kids, and enjoy every single powder day he can.  “This is why I live her, I love the Planks, There is nothing more pure about the a pair of fat skis and a ton of powder”.  A real opportunity to be in the moment, “I hope it snows a foot tonight, I’ll be waiting with my two planks” Pack your lunch, and he’ll take you to his favorite stash, but wear your big boy pants.

In 2016 Rosacci released his debut album (in his 50’s) “Tone and the Vibe” which features 15 of his friends in the Fraser Valley (mostly amateur musicians) a real fun community project.

Rosacci brings a lifetime of Entrepreneurial skills to the table. “An Artist owned studio for Artists” this is the heart of Eagle Wind Sound.