Pj Olsson is a critically acclaimed recording artist and producer. His experience in the studio started at a young age when his father(a twelve tone composer) inspired him to get into synthesizers and music production in order to create a canvas for Pj’s songs. In 1987 Dr. Milton Olsson went to study Bach on sabbatical and brought PJ along.Pj was signed to his first recording deal at 17 years old with Power Play Records in Germany. The sound production door now opened as Pj found himself in a recording studio

fascinated by the mixing console and multitrack tape decks.  

After a year of Los Angeles in 1988, Pj moved to Chicago. There he met Rick Barnes(Owner and Head engineer of Rax Trax Studio’s) who produced/mentored PJ both in his music and in understanding sound production as an engineer/producer. For three years, Ricky pretty much gave Pj full creative exploratory time in a major studio. At one point Olsson spent days breaking light bulbs, recording everything in order to understand the difference’s in microphones and mic pre’s he had access to. Rax Trax was all analog based back then and PJ was fortunate to be there as digital gear and computers entered into the studio.

At 19 Pj was signed by Doogie Thomson(Supertramp) to Warner Chappell. He was introduced to super producer Keith Forsey(Billy Idol,Simple Minds,The Breakfast Club) who threw Olsson into the exploration 

of sound using the major studios of Los Angeles along with some of the worlds top session players(Greg Phillinganes, Jonathan Moffet, Tal bergman and many others). Forsey used some of the worlds top engineers and PJ found himself again in an incredible learning position.

Continued success found PJ working with Producer/Engineer Carmen Rizzo who introduced him to

another platform for Pj’s music incorporating the acoustic guitar and Olsson’s electronic music.

Carmen introduced Pj to “Wendy and Lisa” and they continued to work on recordings.

Signed in 1993 first to EyeQ records by super dj Sven Vath in Germany, Olsson again found himself immersed in the studio surrounded by some of Germany’s top electronic artists and engineers. During the making of “Electric Potato” in Hamburg, A&R wizard Tim Divine signed Pj to Sony/Columbia Records as a recording artist/producer. Divine brought PJback to Los Angeles and Pj used his record budgets to build personal high end studios that were built and then unbuilt for every cd. Olsson found himself bringing in his personal sound production rigs and incorporating them into the worlds best studios again along with some of the worlds best musicians. (Vinnie Colaiuta, Doyle Brahmhall ll,)

He released 4 Cd’s With Divine and Columbia, all critically acclaimed.

After leaving Columbia Olsson found himself on CBS records when the phone rang in 2003. Pj found himself with the opportunity to engineer for the Alan Parsons CD “A valid Path”. His worked earned him a grammy nomination and started a 14 year relationship with Alan as his lead engineer and then ultimately his lead singer. He retains his positions with Mr. Parsons to this day.

He now Lives in Winter Park Colorado. A father of three In the Winter season, if not in the studio, or out on tour,  you can find him as a ski coach for The Winter Park Competition center, or tuning skis at the local ski shop.